We love dogs! We want them to eat well and be well. We make it happen!

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Do We Love Dogs Or What?

 We love dogs!  We want them to eat well and be well.  We are making sure that happens for your love pup by making good things - by hand and with love...........
So we opened a retail bakery outlet! We sell dog treats and infused dog treats and CBD Oil products in Amery, WI.

So, Of Course We Want The Best For Your Pal

We care about your dog because your dog is dependent upon you (and us) to make it and keep it healthy and happy.  Everything we offer is not just good for your pet, it's healing food for your pal, your best buddy, your dog.

If Your Dog Wants Something........

And we don't have it?  We will make it!

Especially for the love of your life - your pal, your dog.

Come check out our treats.  Homemade and handmade with love.
317 Riverside Blvd.
Amery, WI
Or call us to order and we'll have it ready for pick up!

What We Do

Made With The Best Ingredients


CBD My Dog bakers know that healthy treats come from healthy ingredients.  Our selection criteria prioritizes as much local and organic food that we can purchase even in the winter months.  We aspire to making treats that are free from industrial chemicals, rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes and bear the USDA Organic label.  We are working toward a sourcing system where 70% or more of our ingredients are from around our county and used in our baking process.

Infused With The Highest Quality CBD Oil


CBD Pet Spray is a simple and versatile way to add 100% natural CBD to your pet’s diet! While CBD dog treats are a great method of delivery, CBD Pet Spray can be added to any type of pet food or treat. It can also be sprayed directly into your pet’s mouth or water bowl. CBD Pet Spray may help relieve pain, provide a sense of calm, and support overall wellness in animals. It may also be helpful for animals with aggression disorders, previous traumas, cognitive issues, excessive vocalization and more. We want our customers to rest easy knowing that their furry friend is in good hands, that’s why our pet care products use non-toxic CBD oil for dogs and cats!

All Bluebird Botanicals products contain 100% natural CBD.

Good For Your Dog And Good For You, Too!


From CBD topicals, to tinctures, to edibles, you can be sure you are getting the highest grade product from CBD My Dog.

Topicals are extremely popular as they allow you to apply the product directly to the area(s) of pain, allowing the CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream. While tinctures can be used to make your own cannabidiol edibles at home, or you can consume them orally (sublingually), or by dropping them into your or your pet's food or beverage. 

 CBD Edibles are a great tasting and simple way to get your daily intake! Edibles typically offer natural balancing effects that are longer lasting than some other types of CBD supplements. 

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Contact Us

Come To "The Dog House" Retail Bakery

Our winter hours are:  
Saturdays, Noon to 3 p.m.

 A portion of our proceeds will go to 

Arnell Memorial Humane Society in
 Amery, WI

CBD My Dog

317 Riverside Boulevard, Amery, Wisconsin 54001, United States